Oskar Vodafone Mobile Operator

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It’s been quite a long time, when the global giant Vodafone bought our beautifully Czech, Oskar. The time when goodbye to him is approaching since Vodafone has already long since 100% of the shares fully under his wing. It’s like yesterday when Oscar burst onto the market with its aggressive pricing policy, calls for a flat rate 10Kč 11Kč per month. A time when everyone had laughed and taunted his customers are long gone. Today crushes both Czech number one, Eurotel and T-Mobile, the number of new customers and profit per customer. (yes, I know the service is a bit slower introduced) His sympathetic and always optimistic logo laughed in any weather, in any situation. His ads have brought the waves of Czech marketing and new wave was genuine. We will miss him, Oskar. The largest Czech mobile site dealing with technology today bleskovkách announced a competition for the best poem and the main prize is a Christmas calendar from Oskar. It is nice 🙂

What to Vodafone? Not much I know about him. Perhaps only that it is a sponsor of teams in Formula 1 (McLaren) and in Japan, he is currently not doing very well. Vodafone began as a small company with 50 employees in 1985. Today, 60,000 employees and 172 million customers and a turnover of 24 million US dollars. A total of 18 different operators owns one hundred percent worldwide. Hard to tell what to expect from him. Meanwhile promised UMTS launch before the end of the year, the portal Live! (No, it’s not wrapped Eurotel) or RadioDJ. Vodafone is sympathetic to me, certainly more than T-Mobile. I hope it will be 1.2.2006 Oscar for customers from that day actually already Vodafone, good day.