Nokia N73 – Queen of Symbian

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As it was a year ago, this year I was happy again. Last year, it was a great Nokia N70 with 3Gsupport, a 2Mpix camera (no autofocus) and a titanium keyboard. After that came Nokia E50, but it was a bit greasy and unsold and now, on December 18, 2006, I am the proud owner of the Nokia N73. This is another representative of the N-Series classical design with Symbian 9.1 3rd edition operating system . Take this article as a smaller comparison with the Nokia N70 and, for a start, you can view it: Nokia N73 – a photo gallery.

What’s Better Than Nokia N70
As I think about it, almost everything.

  • It is faster, with a new firmware 3.0638.0.0.1, moving in the menu, writing and opening a contact list or SMS. It has more memory ram – 40MB. Up to 21MB is available after the phone starts.
  • Display. Now it has a 2.4 “display. Supports 265,000 colors at 320 × 240px resolution. Have a look at him and work with him. It is sufficiently contrasting and clear, it uses a large font, so beautifully legible.
  • Photo Parata. The Nokia N73 got the 3.2Mpix chip with optics from Carl-Zeiss. I’ll write about the camera later, but I do not have so many photos so I can make a conclusion, but in good light, Nokia produces good quality photos.
  • Keyboard. On the N73-what was the keyboard really tame what I’m going to talk about. She could get used to it, but it was not it. The N73 has a slightly larger keyboard, with a low stroke and a more precise push.
  • Speaker sound. Yes, I did not. The N73 has two. One at the top and one hidden down at the pop-port. Stereo sound for movies is a good thing.

What’s worse than Nokia N70
Unfortunately, I have to include this subchapter. The Nokia N73 is a good phone, but if something is wrong, it is not even at the level of the predecessor.

  • Blue diode. It is useless, flashes only when the display goes out to let you know if the phone is turned on. But what is it to me if I do not know if I have a missed call or an SMS? The Nokia E50 had a diode around the joystick that flashed green in the event of an event. Here the diode loses its sense.
  • Joystick. Why? The five-pointer on Nokia N70 was better. The joystick on the N73 slips is not so accurate and to tell the truth, it has the will to be afraid it will fall out.

Yes, it is not a phone with GPS and Wifi, but it will complement another model, Nokia N95. Of course, the GPS on the phone display does not make much sense, and Wifi would use at least. So why spend 21,000 – for a device that offers me something I do not need or what can I buy separately and more quality.

The Nokia N73 is undoubtedly one of the best phones for a similar price. Offers an endless amount of fun, a great calendar, a taskmaster. What I asked for on the phone again. And he’s fine.