Need For Speed Carbon

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Need For Speed Carbon – a game that has been waiting for almost a year, slowly, but surely, throngs at the sales counters. Every e-shop already has this game on offer and, of course, millions of gaming enthusiasts, especially those in the automobile industry, are already impatiently staying money. Will the creators of EA games build on the successes of NFS Underground, Underground 2 or Most Wanted? That’s one of my impressions and 3 videos (at the end) of demos is not so sure.

Downloads +
Demo Settings is available for download on Czech servers, such as here.CZ, and it has a total size of 653MB. That’s a bit of a lot, but I thought it would have a reason, for example, a selection of several cars, tracks, great graphics, etc. After installing on my set, I set the game menu, which is by the way simple and clear Everything up to the maximum, 2xAA, 1280 × 1024px to see how my HW stands out. Only Camaro, Gallardo and Lancer are available, racing in the hills, drift and classic race + a new form of tuning. As I read on OC guru forum:

It’s the most unnecessary 700MB I downloaded

But I’m going a little bit.

First Impressions – Classical Race
The Classic Race does not need to be special. You drive a few enemies around the city, avoid transport, and try to get over and back on your gas with the full throttle, the inside, the brakes, the time-expander and your friend. Yes, I said my friend. In Need For Speed Carbon, you have a team-mate who, when you call him (right control), helps to hold others off or to remove them gently from the track. This is basically the only novelty. Nitro and time-expander were also in NFS Most Wanted, so I do not have to talk about it here.
Intelligent of competitors is on the same level as in the previous title. This means that as soon as you drive them a little more, they will switch to Warp 10, like Captain Pickard, and you’ll be behind them for a while. Conversely, when you are far away, You will be in the first turn. 
As I said, everything is old.

In Need For Speed Carbon, the authors returned to drift racing again. But since the NFS Underground 2 has changed a lot, so it’s going a little different here. Respectively, completely different. The goal is still the same, keep the car in controlled skidding for as long as possible and get as close as possible to the ramp. The way Carbon is doing is different. The car is extremely moving in this mode, so that you have the Camaro or Lancer available, it slides with everything the same way. Whoever has a driver or played like the previous version of Need For Speed will be a little disappointed. When your ass kicks to the side, your task is not to counter and balance, but only to skid to help. Once you have the counter, the car flies to the other side at the speed of the lightning and is in the skid again, just to the other side. Fňuk
Days, When you were 90,000 points for one drift, the experienced players are there. However, you will see in videos.

New Game Mode. You are driving two downhill and clutching points. The essence is: To overtake, but not to overtake. The closer you are to your opponent, the faster you get the points, the more you deduct 5000 points for each collision with your opponent. What are these points for? This mode has two wheels. At first, you go second and your opponent can not travel more than 300 feet (I think). When you drive and drive, the round ends. Otherwise, you go to the finish.
In the second round, you go first with the points you have collected. The closer your opponent is, the faster your points get dwindled. When all disappears, you lose. When you pass, you lose. It’s a whole lot of annoying mode, where much depends on the choice of the car, you have neither a chamber for a nitro.

Tuning Out
in Need For Speed Carbon is a completely redesigned car modification. You do not buy individual parts anymore but just stretch or shrink your current ones. It’s faster and more accurate than before. And you will surely hit your taste. I assume that in the demo there will be parts to buy as different body kits, which will then be able to adjust. Part editing is visible in the first video at the end of the article.

Graphics Processing
There is nothing to say in terms of graphics, but it will not make any difference. The air turbulence around the car is more of a joke or an attempt at a speed effect. Motion Blur did not go on, maybe there’s some HW control. My card is not the latest, maybe because the game looks a bit like a melon melted at night. What I saw screen from better assemblies and mainly from SM3.0 graphics cards, basically just improved the detail + motion blurred at higher speeds. To tell you the truth, FlatOut 2 I like a lot more.
In the settings I described at the beginning, the game ran around 21-48 fps, which is pretty good for the PC.

Need For Speed Carbon –
Need For Speed Carbon is a disappointment for me. After every demo, I was looking forward to the game, but this? I finished the demo in 10 minutes.

  • Graphics – 5.5 / 10
  • Playability – 5.5 / 10
  • Difficulty HW – 7.5 / 10
  • Total – 6.5 / 10

Nothing extra for about 1400CZK.