Is Apple iPhone Really a Bubble?

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The iPhone that has been written a lot. On my favorite Mobil mani I published an article on size, Radek Hulán again rejected in advance the instrument as anything else from Apple. iPhone is on his webzine, with a high page rank, condemned straight in three articles that provide RH few dozen visits a day extra, and some raised-click on the AdSense account. However, today wrote an article Apple iPhone bubble quickly burst … It Bob phone. Is it really so?

Cited article Radka Hulána – Apple iPhone bubble quickly burst … It Bob phone:

* Not possible doinstalovávat applications on Windows Mobile while there are tens of thousands, nothing on the iPhone, there are only a few primitive (built-in hard) Apple applications

– Is iPhone presented as a unit with its own operating system? Nothing like I was finished. Yes, it says that it’s Mac OS X. But it does not say that it will be open for additional installation of other applications, as well as Nokia’s Series S40.

* Battery is non-removable (!), Wear after about a year you have to throw your iPhone,

– I doubt that it will be really necessary. The battery on mobile devices is a guarantee of 1/2 to 2 years longevity and functionality, the iPhone will be no different. After 2 years, a new battery (in the case of malfunction) must purchase each user for more money. For the iPhone, this means a trip to the service center more.

* Can not recognize the handwriting, you must use a greasy thumb

– is not itself never says that the next FW / OS to bring.

* No upgradeable memory card, and easy uploading files via a card reader,

– The memory card in the phone with 4 or 8 gigabytes of space? How much memory you have on your device? I just 2GB rich, which is now, if I’m not mistaken, most mobile phones, respectively. memory card.

* No application for working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files, which is a thing in the world of Windows Mobile and Symbian completely normal, but on the iPhone attachment in an e-mail just reading,

– In my humble opinion (IMHO), these applications to Symbian retrofitted. They are not entirely straight section SW from Nokia.

* No 3G, just slow EGPRS

– 3G which is only in Prague and Brno, for which drop calls? It has Wi-Fi, MMS, and Emails just richly EGPRS.

* No navigation applications such as TomTom, iGo or OziExplorer, although navigation on phones today is experiencing a boom literally,

– Yes, maybe. But this is the first (thanks to the 3.5 display), where I seemed to use navigation.

* No application for advanced photo editing,

– Advanced editing photos on your phone ??

* No access to purchase songs through iTunes, you still need a PC,

– again may solve another FW / OS or revision.

* Extremely high price, despite the subsidy provider (Cingular)

– That, unfortunately, yes, as with any news

* No hardware keyboard, so forget about easy writing of SMS or emails

– HW keyboard has only a few devices (Nokia 9300, E61, HTC TyTN, Qtek 9100, 9000, etc.), but how big? At the 9300 can write anyway thumbs, as well as E61 and Q9100. TyTN I had in my hand. The iPhone’s software keyboard (Fig. Elfynýrník ).

* No stylus for accurate typing or playing games, a finger,

– Just a finger for precision gaming and typing on iPhone, no stylus!

* No FTP, SFTP, SSH, telnet, GnuPG, VPN, to the corporate network, therefore do not connect,

– iPhone is not presented as a modern office walking, she Corner and God knows what else. To me it is his image such that shorten many a long while, arrange for a call, contact with partners will send a draft contract. Nothing more would through a miniature display the phone do not want to.

* Name iPhone is stolen Cisco and she began to him to judge,

– we’ll see what will come off.

* Extreme instability of the first version,

– the one who had it in hand, let me not leave a comment. Incidentally, the N70 and the first FW was too dainty.

* The availability of iPhone for a year.

– Yes, standard time.

Probably so they look and the sound of my comments and reactions to the iPhone, previously rejected. Incidentally, watch a video, how swiftly and successfully looks and moves real Apple iPhone, no předrenderovanost.